A downloadable demo for Windows

Try out the Demo of Homestead!
Start building up your farm in the Demo of Homestead, with all of the basic game features available for play, and no time restrictions!

New in demo version 1.0.6:
-Lighting adjustments to allow old Homestead behaviours
-Infinite crops glitch finally fixed(I swear this time! Extra testing was done!)
-Crops can now have Regrowth factor, meaning after a number of days they will sprout fruit again!
-Added more depth to the house, for the time being it is just visual, not functional
-Fixed feeding troughs in the Barn to actually have depth
-Rain now properly waters crops, even if planted in the rain
-Under the hood improvements for future updates
-The Controls option in the pause menu now works!
You can set controls on a per save basis!

System Requirements:

512 Megabytes of RAM
Windows Vista or higher

512 Megabytes of RAM
Any Debian based distro,  optimised for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS


homestead-win.zip 25 MB
Version 10 May 17, 2018

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