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Try out the Demo of Homestead!
Start building up your farm in the Demo of Homestead, with all of the basic game features available for play, and no time restrictions!

New in demo version 19.05.11 (1.2 dev-build)

Bugs Fixed:

-Sky depth overlapping UI elements
-Control mapping screens for keyboard and controller not closing properly, causing softlock
-Crop plots never showing the "Water" indicator on the action UI element
-Dead crops can now be removed again
-Fixed several underlying issues causing dropped items to crash the game

-Dead crops can now be pulled/weeded for 1 fodder a piece (hand must be empty for this action)
-Updated some tiles for later story relevance
-Fixed some collision issues in the Flowervale Woods, this will continue to be worked on into next week

-Readded wild items growing in the Flowervale Woods

b Release:
-Made the Flowervale Woods zone flag bigger to accomodate the new area added
-Switched to new domain for Gift Server, making the game fully compliant to the new domain

System Requirements:

512 Megabytes of RAM
Windows Vista or higher

512 Megabytes of RAM
ONLY UBUNTU 18.04 LTS is fully supported.
Any debian based distro should work, but they aren't supported at this time.


Homestead-N-19.05.11b-DEMO.zip 33 MB

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demo keeps going to steam and not opening