TurnipEngine 1.0.1 On the way!

A hefty bugfix is coming to the initial release of the TurnipEngine for Homestead.
Some of the bugs fixed include:
Female collision masks being massive compared to male
Newsfeed issues compiling fetched data(sometimes causing the game to hang on main menu)
Issue with an indexing error murdering livestock sometimes (sorry to all of those who lost a beloved cow!)
The addition of the Post Office, which means the monthly gift option is now open! The first month's gift will be 500 gold!

Sadly the macOS build will still only work on Snow Leopard - El Capitan because of the macOS Security in newer versions.
There are ways around it, but I don't want to post a guide to it as it involves using the terminal to deactivate signed application checking.
THAT'S VERY DANGEROUS, but if you want to play on newer macOS's, use google-fu. I DO NOT ENDORSE doing that, but I won't stop you.

Also, news for update 1.1 of the Engine as well:
Some of the game's mechanics are being turned into Mini-Games!
Me and Ninety felt that certain aspects of the game just felt... Well, boring.
So now things like Fishing, Mining, and even tending Crops are being revamped with a focus on engaging the player.
I don't want you sitting there slamming a spacebar to catch a fish, I want you to feel like you're WORKING for that fish.
I plan on building many prototypes for these mini games to see how the community responds to them. Me and Ninety are working very closely on this aspect of the game recently, and have some great idea planned!

That's all for now, have fun Homesteadians!

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