This game is part of the Branching Corpses project. Branching Corpses is a community made game series where you can extend the story!

AB:A: The Monster King is destroyed [In dev by Adrien]
AB:B: The Hu-mans are wiped out [Still open for development]

If you want to find out more about the project as a whole, visit the wiki.
If you want to start from the very first corpse and work your way through, go here.

All art is made by me and other members of the Branching Corpses Community.
This entry was made in GameMaker: Studio 1.4's HTML5 export on web.
The Windows executeable version is made in GameMaker Studio 2 and compiled on Windows 10.
The font used throughout is Comfortably Fucked by NAL Games.


Download 50 MB
BCFactions.gmz 18 MB
Download 43 kB


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I love the new music choices :)