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Small update + bugfix 191229-0
Fixed a few bugs and added a few small things to the game. Fixed: -Crashes when opening the Status/Inventory Menu -New saving system omitting some data from loa...
Small Update [NOV-03-2019]
Hello Homesteadians! I've updated a few small things under the hood to make the game run a bit better. I have also made it so you can refill Watering Cans, as a...
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Bugs smashed[19.10.13]
The most recent update fixes a few bugs I found working around in the code. Unfortunately the story has taken a bit of a back burner while I try and make sure w...
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Nightly Build: 19.05.11(+b)
Bugs Fixed: -Sky depth overlapping UI elements -Control mapping screens for keyboard and controller not closing properly, causing softlock -Crop plots never sho...
TurnipEngine 1.0.1 On the way!
A hefty bugfix is coming to the initial release of the TurnipEngine for Homestead. Some of the bugs fixed include: Female collision masks being massive compared...
TurnipEngine 1.0 Release Notes
The new engine is unleashed upon the world in this new Demo of Homestead! Please do note some things though! This only has the fully completed and working featu...
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Turnip Engine
Happy new year, Homesteadians! The new year is going to bring many new updates to Homestead, starting with TurnipEngine! This new underlying codebase makes upda...
Update McUpdaterson!
The game's not dead! I have some surprises in store for you guys in the near future, but for now here's a list of some new stuff! -Some npcs -New Tutorial syste...
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